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So we are beginning the process of searching for a new minister.  Read this previous story and this one to find out more about that.  It's good to know what has been going well, so we can plan for those good things to continue to go well.  Here are some comments I've already received that speak from peole's hearts and experiences here at EUC.

I explained to people that two of the biggest things I knew I was going to hear about would be our fresh, lively, robust singing and music.  Brooke Maxwell has endeared himself to us over the years he has been our music director.  People have started attending the church and become part of the choir because of him.

Another outstanding aspect of our congregation is our vibrant theme of Justice.  We have a strong Justice Team that organizes and participates in various events locally and beyond.  Ecological justice is a large part of their heart, but more recently the whole picture of First Nations reconcilation has become a priority.  As well, we strongly support and host the work of the Rainbow Kitchen in serving meals 5 days a week to those in need of healthy food and healthy community interaction.

So I knew those would be givens and asked for other thoughts from the heart.


"In my short time at Esquimalt United I have become heartened by the enlightened approach demonstrated there."

"My thoughts about our Faith Story in the ten years I have been at EUC include the concepts of: Joy- music, learning, community:

  • Resilience- 7 ministers in 10 years- still going strong!
  • Spiritual Evolution- liberal thinking
  • Warmth in our Respect for All"
"Over the years, from time to time, I popped into EUC. Found it fine. Simple, Basic .Pleasant.  But not all that inspiring or challenging. 
Then [Minister] arrived.
And I realized it was safe to bring one’s Brain to Church.
Sadly, he left, but happily the tradition of Smart Sermons has continued. 
And now,  added to the mix, which [Minister] did not bring,  are “ fun “ and “ humour “ and  “ joy “….fun?…joy?….humour?….at Church??!!
This is a Church of Seekers who seek not only to Know God, but to Experience God….open to new ideas and experiences. 
That God is not just a Noun, But also a Verb. Heck, maybe even a Dangling Participle! 
Going to this Church, simply makes me feel good. 
                                And that’s why I’ve stayed."  

  • "Willing to change without knowing where the changes will lead
  • Truly diverse - not defined by any one group or identity"
"I moved away years ago and still consider EUC to be my church. I tell people about it often. It is the church that brought me back to the church; as a lifelong church goer, I had one foot out the door of organized religion. I was so disenchanted with it all. I was able to express my doubts, my frustrations with no judgement, only warmth, understanding and acceptance. The outreach at this church is amazing; they are constantly giving to the Esquimalt community and the larger world community. So, to sum up EUC: zero judgement, continuous support to the community."
"Many years ago, before living here, we attended a Christmas Eve service with about 10 people. The church was in danger of closing our door. And yet, when we moved here, and found it still operating and actually thriving, we gave thanks !
  • We love worshiping in our community. Not everyone has that blessing.
  • We appreciate the music and the dedication to the congregation that the music people have.
  • We like the energy and the laughter that surrounds us most times.
  • We like stretching our mind-set to include new understandings of old thoughts.
  • We appreciate the people who serve, and there are many !
  • We appreciate being exposed to justice issues and having a say in what we support.
  • We appreciate that we put action into our sentences,by selling ZATOUN, for an example."

"1] The uninhibited vitality that was evident from day one and still is.
2] The willingness to try new things physically and spiritually."


  • "The welcoming, acceptance and kindness shown to all all persons.
  • The listening and understanding of individual, and congregational needs for spiritual  awareness, skills and growth.
  • Being supported in living in faith with respect, positivity,  joy and laughter."

" -female minister when they looked online so decided to try EUC first.
- open and inclusive
- nobody turned away
- come as you are, no prerequisites
- social justice: our first Sunday C did a Minute for Mission and also mentioned how much money we had raised thus far. Shortly thereafter on another Sunday E talked about the Palestinian project. She said it is such a loaded issue but we were not afraid to get into “hot water”. They really cared about justice. We thought “yes, this is our place”.
- soon got to realise how amazing the people are. The 80 year olds are great to have conversations with, and how accepting and how much fun they are.
- the people are passionate, committed and fun."