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Leanne Benoit came to us as minister in 2013.  She had pursued her call to ministry at a later time in her life than most, and we were only the second congregation she had served.  Her passion and life combined with a deep sense of groundedness showed forth in all of her responsibilities as a minsiter.  She inspired creativity in others as she demonstrated it herself (We now have 4 Advent banners that she created and gifted to the congregation).  She taught us about and brought us to places of silence and peace in times of meditation during every service.  Her listening ear and wise counsel were the support of many.  Her weekly messages challenged and journeyed with us throughout the week. Our regular Monday Morning discussion times became deep times of helping each other face the challenges and joys of what came out of the previous days service.  

Because of health issues, she needed to take first a 6-month short-term disability break, which then was extended into a 2-year long-term break.  Under the care of her doctors things are improving, but they told her that she would not be ready yet to return to full-time service at the end of that time period.  So, she has graciously tendered her resignation a few months earlier than required, knowing that that would be the case anyway.

The church has embarked on the process of some introspection to discern our way forward.  Various members of the congregaton are developing our 'Community of Faith profile' which will tell the more than 100 year story of our congregation (briefly!), our resources, and our ministry needs.  The full congregation will be involved in this process as they will read the profile once it is prepared and approve and/or adjust parts of it before it gets posted on the national United Church of Canada ChurchHub site.

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Meanwhile, Faye Greer will be our supply minister until the end of August.