Al  Lindskoog
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We have been coping and hopefully doing well within this time of pandameic and quarantine for more than 6 weeks.  

For one thing, the church building has been closed, except for the daily ministry operated by the Rainbow Kitchen.  They are seeing an increased amount of people coming by for a take-away hot meal.  Staff and volunteers there remain cheerful and are working hard.

But it might seem from the quietness of the rest of the building that little is going on, that the church has gone underground.  But that would be quite far from the truth.  Rev. Laura is busier than ever, with still planning our weekly online services, endeavoring to keep in contact with everyone of our church folks, and doing her share of some of the larger regional leadership.  All of this while living as the rest of us, primarily at home except for safe and necessary outings.

Brenda continues to keep the daily and weekly affairs of church business under her capable control, but from home.

Brooke not only still provides our Sunday morning music (from home) but has also initiated a Thursday evening sing-along (alias choir practice) online.  It is very well attended!

Jamie, our custodian is working on various deep cleaning projects at the church.

So, our regualr staff is not only still being paid, they are still working pretty much as hard as ever (or more so).

Zoom has become our gift from God via technological minds.  Besides our Sunday morning and Thursday evening church-wide events on Zoom, our regular 'Connections' book study, Monday morning 'Holy Conversations', and periodic Justice Team, STEAM, STAMP and Board meetings are also happening via Zoom.  It may not be the same thing as one of Vivian's hugs or Doreen's flower arrangements or Carmen's friendly greetings at the door, but being able to see each other's animated faces and hear from their own lips how they are doing is an acceptable substitute.

Another benefit of doing live video community is the possibiltiiy of making the videos of our Sunday morning reflections available to rewatch.  Go to our Sermons page and click on the title then the picture for the video.

We have also resurrected our 'telephone tree' in order to keep in regular contact with each other.  This is particularly important for those who may not be able to connect via Zoom.

If you want to be kept up to date on the Zoom links for accessing these online meetings, please email Brenda at the church office. 

Even though she is not in the office, Rev. Laura is still very available via phone or email.  Email Brenda at the office to make connections if you don't have her email address or phone number.

So, wherever you are on this uncertain journey of life, we continue to walk with you.  May the Grace of the One who is always with us make their presence known in your circumstances.