Brenda & Laurie
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For years, folks at EUC have talked about a mural. What a great way to show the community just who we really are! After years of talking about it, in January of 2021, things finally seemed to come together. We applied for and received a United Church ProVision grant of $10,000 and received a few other donations as well. We held a congregational meeting to identify the themes we wanted to see in our mural: hospitality, inclusion, community, reconciliation with all of nature.

There have been various hurdles and set-backs along the way, but we’re now finally just about there! After a process of artist-selection, we chose an Esquimalt artist, Kris Friesen, who submitted a couple of sketches that went through various modifications with the mural team, until we ended up with a final design. On Monday July 4, members of the mural team presented the design to Esquimalt Municipal Council, who unanimously approved it. We look forward to this August, when Kris will begin his work.