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Watch this space for links to other sites that offer various forms of worship services online. If you are aware of other local online resources, livestreams or recorded worship services, please email the church ( [email protected] ) and Brenda can pass that info along to me (Al).


PLEASE NOTE:  Services that have livestreamed are often available as recordings after the live service has ended. Click on the same links to watch at a later time.


Here's a short video reading of "A New Creed' that is a good reminder of our foundation.


Here is a page on our National United Church site that lists some possibilities, as well as this one which includes a link to the current recorded worship service by our Moderator, Richard Bott.  Once that service is posted, you can watch it--you don't have to wait until Sunday!  You can be a part of the recording (via Zoom) on Tuesdays at 4 PM PDT.


A great resource page from our Pacific Mountain Region website, including some for children and youth.  You might want to try Highlands Online Sundays at 10:00 AM PDT, or Connect North (Prince George) also at 10:00 AM PDT. (Both are recorded for viewing later.)


Locally, First Met will be offering a livestream Sunday mornings. Check out this page for more info, or click here. (Recording available later.)


You might want to listen to one of our past Reflections that can be found on our Sermons page.


St. John the Divine Anglican Church will livestream via Facebook live Sunday at 10:00 AM PDT (recording available later).


Christ Church Cathedral has some resources on this page.


Both Christ Church Cathedral and St. Andrews Cathedral remain open for private prayer (but with no gatherings.)


For those who are members of local AA groups (some of which normally use our facilities) here's a link to many international online AA group possibilities. Here's another link to a local listing of online AA groups in the Pacific Time Zone, and a list of local meetings showing if they are temporarily closed, or still in operation.